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DHL BMW Supply chainBONN: July 23, 2018. BMW has extended its contract with DHL Freight to manage 90,000 shipments by truck a month to 17 countries.

The company is also providing supply chain management to BMW in seven additional areas with AXIT, a cloud-based IT solutions specialist for managing cross-enterprise logistics processes.

“With BMW, we set out to create a solution specifically designed for their needs, one that would provide complete transparency throughout the supply chain, allowing the customer a consolidated overview of extremely complex processes,” explained DHL Freight CEO Uwe Brinks. “We have achieved this with Connected Supply Chain (CSC), a solution that gives BMW the ability to manage potential issues and identify opportunities for further optimization.”

CSC shows the entire supply chain in real-time. As a result BMW can identify potential risks or emergency situations and monitor the performance of suppliers and carriers in real-time – potentially saving money and improving delivery.

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