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RIYADH: March 06, 2019. Following the award by Saudia Cargo for  Unilode Aviation Solutions to manage its containers and pallets,  the company will be rolling out its ULD digitalisation programme which, it says, will enable Saudia and Saudia Cargo to gain a competitive advantage in the market by offering value-added services to their customers.

Saudia CEO Jaan Albrecht said: "Saudia is pleased to see the current successful collaboration with Unilode extended to include an advanced ULD tracking solution that will further drive planning efficiencies and associated cost savings.

Saudia Cargo 1"Unilode has already demonstrated its expertise and flexibility to supply the right assets to meet Saudia's ULD needs, and the digitalisation programme will help gain more control, make certain manual tasks redundant and ultimately ensure that we keep up with the continued growth that our airline is seeing year on year."

Omar Hariri, Saudi Airlines Cargo Company CEO added: "Saudia Cargo aims to serve the air freight industry with a spirit of excellence by continuously enhancing service levels and developing effective logistics solutions to the highest industry standards. The full digitalisation of our ULD fleet by Unilode will enable us to achieve just that, allowing us to have better quality assurance, more insights and greater visibility throughout our network, which will develop our cargo capabilities."

In a related move Unilode, Safran and OnAsset Intelligence have successfully completed a joint development project that has produced a unique form factor, corner piece and attachment method for the digital enablement of aviation pallets. The three companies have developed a design for a Bluetooth 5 digital tag which can seamlessly be fitted into a pallet to prevent mishandling and stacking problems that may occur with bolt-on solutions positioned externally.

"Our solution for the digital enablement of pallets is fully integrated and therefore safe, compliant with prevailing regulations, does not create a trip hazard for individuals or pose a target for forklifts and does not operationally impede on the use of the pallets by occupying a portion of the seat tracks," commented Unilode CEO Benoît Dumont.

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