April 25, 2014: Turkey continues strong growth. This was the message heard loud and clear at the Pegasus Cargo, Yeditepe University International Air Cargo Logistics Conference held on April 22 in Istanbul.

Pegasus eventMr Aydin Alpa, Pegasus VP Cargo stated: '' For the international Air Cargo Logistics Conference presented in association with Yeditepe University, we brought together important names from our industry sector. We are confident that this conference, which we organised because of the importance we place on the development of the cargo sector, has been of great benefit to both students' education of logistics and to the whole of the sector. Thus we're proud and happy to be have been part of this event.

Mr Gerton Hulsman Dusseldorf Airport General Manager outlined his view that the future for cargo carriers was a move to larger planes such as Airbus 320 to the Airbus A330 which enables cargo capacity increases from two tonnes up to 20 tonnes. Many airlines are changing to bigger aircraft which enables more uplift.

Mr Turgut Erkeskin, President of UTIKAD which is Turkey's Association of International Forwarding and Logistics Service Providers' stated that his expectation is that the country will double its commercial aviation fleet over the next 10 years to around 500 aircraft. Utikad as an association has over 400 members. He cited that Turkey was a young dynamic country with significant growth potential. It is currently the 17th largest economy in the world and projections expect Turkey to the 9th in the world by 2050. With the new 3rd airport due to come onstream over the next few years this will increase growth potential even more.

Mr Arif Badur, Chairman of Reibel Transportation and Trade discussed his company and the importance of charter operations. Reibel specialise in heavy cargo and their business has seen significant increases in Humanitarian aid.

Other speakers included Mr Ertan Aslanoglu, Toll Group Sales Director as well as Mr Burak Turkmen, Senior Ground Operations Specialist for Pegasus Airlines.