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ISTANBUL: July 12, 2019. Citing air cargo data from analyst WorldACD, Turkish Cargo reports a 7.1 percent increase in tonnage flown during the month of May.

According to WACD, overall chargeable weight decreased 5.0 percent year-on-year (YoY) for the air cargo industry while yields in US$ fell 5.6 percent, resulting in revenue loss for the airlines of more than 10.0 percent YoY.

Turkish Cargo B777FHowever based on sold tonnage, Turkish Cargo said it had a growth rate of 34.4 percent across the American Continent in May, 19.3 percent in the Far East and 12.2 percent in the Middle East/South Asia region.

By comparison, WACD May data reported an overall YoY drop for Africa and Europe originating traffic of -2.2 percent and -2.4 percent respectively; Asia Pacific and North America saw YoY losses of -7.0 percent and -7.2 percent, while Latin America and the Middle East & South Asia (MESA) volumes fell -4 percent and -3.4 percent YoY.

The Turkish airline said it increased its market share from 3.9 percent to 4.0 percent industry-wide in May and maintained its position at No.7 in terms of flown airfreight.

WACD noted that compared with Jan-May 2017, the first five months of 2019 show worldwide growth of 1.0 percent. In addition, 22 of the 40 largest air cargo markets show positive growth for the period ranging from 32.6 percent in Chile to 0.1 percent for India.

The group includes four countries in South America (Chile, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia); nine in Asia & Pacific (Vietnam, Pakistan, Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, India); five European countries (Norway, Turkey, the UK, Switzerland, Luxemburg); plus Canada, Mexico, the US and South Africa.

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