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GOTHENBURG: August 08, 2019. Swedish sustainable logistics and supply chain company Greencarrier is underwriting the sailing of the East Indiaman Götheborg replica from its home at the Port of Gothenburg.

The ship is a copy of the East Indiaman that ran aground in 1745 and sank at Hunnebådan at the entrance to the port. In 1986, a team of marine archaeologists began excavating the original ship and construction got under way in 1995.

East Indiaman Gotheborg 3Eight years later, Götheborg was launched and for 20 months, from 2005 to 2007, the ship followed the historic route to China and back. Since then, it has been on several expeditions and visited 56 cities worldwide.

The project is run by Svenska Ostindiska Companiet which is owned by a not-for-profit foundation. The founders are Business Region Gothenburg, the Port of Gothenburg, SKF, Stena, Volvo and the Västra Götaland Region.

Greencarrier, which will celebrate 20 years in business in 2020, has taken full operational and financial responsibility for the ship for the next two years. In 2013 the company was a Tour Partner and able to use the ship at various port stops for events for both employees and customers.

“We got an absolutely fantastic response to this [and] it will be fantastic to be able to see Götheborg sail out again and continue with the mission she was built for, which was made possible by the thousands of volunteers who worked with the ship without compensation and all the large and small Gothenburg companies that participated and financed the construction and travel,” declared Greencarrier Global Communications manager Sofia Schultz.

The original Götheborg was launched in 1738 and made three voyages to China – a core market for Greencarrier – and the company says in parallel with the sailings in 2020 and 2021, it will explore the possibilities of another journey to China.

The East Indiaman operated on behalf of The Swedish East India Company, founded in 1731. The company completed a total of 132 voyages to China with 37 ships until it ceased operations in 1813. In 1993 the Swedish East India Company was re-established in order to revive, manage, operate and develop the art of Swedish shipbuilding and seamanship.

More history: https://www.soic.se/ostindiefararen-gotheborg/en

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