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Lucky JettainerFRANKFURT: September 20, 2019. Jettainer sent a special ULD Care Code of Conduct branded container on its journey to raise awareness for the value and importance of Unit Load Devices (ULDs).

One year later, the “Lucky ULD” has successfully completed 86 flights passing 18 countries and six continents without damage.

Last year, “Lucky” was presented on the ULD Care Conference. On its tour around different global destinations, it was supposed to bring to mind the idea of handling ULDs more consciously. Previously, Jettainer had been one of the first businesses to sign the ULD Care of Conduct. During the whole journey, the ULD was cordially received at all destinations, served as a photo motif and therefore drew a lot of attention to the ten golden rules of handling ULDs.

“Putting huge emphasis on the proper handling of ULDs as well as training and qualifying the staff adequately is the key influencing factor to prevent damages from happening. In this way, it is possible to save repair costs and keep the assets in service,” explains Frank Mühlenkamp, Director Global Operations at Jettainer and ULD Care board member.

“We are very pleased to see that this test run with Jettainer turned out so positively. It becomes evident that our rules actually have a very positive impact on the handling of ULDs and consequently on the reduction of repair costs,” says Bob Rogers, Vice-Present at ULD Care.

For some time, Jettainer has already been making a special effort to train staff to become so-called “ULD-X-Perts”. The main focus of this particular JettCare training for ground staff lies in the proper handling and storage of ULDs.

As a further step to ensure proper handling of ULDs, Jettainer has entered into a cooperation with Airport College International. As agreed now at ULD Care, training coursesfor airline employees, ground handling agents and freight forwarders on how to use ULDs correct will help to reduce damage through proper handling.

“We believe that this cooperation provides us a unique possibility to work closely with Jettainer to promote and sell our online Unit Load Device Operations training courses,” says Airport College International CEO Pertti Mero.

“Jettainer is delighted to enter into this agreement with Airport College International,” adds Frank Mühlenkamp. “Training is important vehicle when raising awareness of safe handling of ULDs and reducing damages and costly repairs.”

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