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Dunkerque portDunkerque-Port will deploy an investment programme of €37.7 million in 2020, with the year devoted to the completion and handover of the major logistics and industrial platforms.

It will also see the start of the first operations of the 2019-2023 Strategic Project, with in particular the launch of work on the new building intended to house the Border Police (PAF) and the United Kingdom Border Force (UKBF), and the creation of a new electrical substation in the West port. The studies for the CAP 2020 project will continue in the pre- project phase.

2019 was marked by the commissioning of the extension to the quai de Flandre in the West Port. The completion of the operation is a major step in the further development of the container sector in Dunkerque. Dunkerque-Port can now simultaneously berth two of the largest ships in the world fleet under optimal conditions.

A shoreside electricity supply has been developed as the same time. It has been available since spring 2019. Dunkerque-Port is thus the first French port to provide users of a container terminal with a shoreside elec- tricity supply.

In 2019, Dunkerque-Port also finalized the work involved in separating the port rail network and the national rail network. Costing more than €18 million, the operation involved aligning the operating areas of the signal boxes at the border points of the two networks. This means port rail installations can now be managed and modified without calling on the French Railway Board (SNCF).

During the year, development work on the Dunkerque Logistics International South zone (DLI-South) and the Heavy Industries zone (ZGI) continued, as did the preparation of the industrial platform for SNF Floerger which is investing 60 million euros in the Dunkerque region, creating 100 jobs.

In addition, Dunkerque-Port started to deploy its management plan for coastline protection with a sand refill of 1.2 Mm3, representing an investment of €3 million. This major new operation to protect the coastline, carried out using a discharge line for the dredged sand acquired by the Port at the start of the year, will be regularly renewed with volumes of up to 2 M m3/year.
In all, in 2019, Dunkerque-Port invested more than €42 million.

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