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Port Itapoa invests in firsts Volumes at Porto Itapoá grew by more than 14% in 2022 (885,822 TEUs or 950,512 TEUs including empty containers).

This was the highest growth rate from the five largest container terminals in Brazil. The number of vessels calling the Port also grew by 4.9% in 2022. With volumes continuing to grow, the terminal will heavily invest this year to maintain its reputation of being one of the most efficient container terminals in Latin America

With the acquisition of ten hybrid RTGs, Porto Itapoá will be the first port terminal in South America to operate RTGs by remote control. The investment of more than US$25 millionwill increase the agility of the terminal's operations. The first equipment arrives in May, while the second wave is scheduled for November this year.

In addition to providing further safety and ergonomics for employees, the hybrid RTGs consume three times less fuel than a conventional RTG.

Porto Itapoá will also add an additional US$11 million Ship-to-Shore Crane, with a 70-meter boom outreach, to its existing fleet of six ship-to-shore cranes.

As well as the major equipment upgrade, the terminal will double its inspection capacity with the arrival of a new scanner to inspect containers entering its yard. The Model HCVM XT, from British company Smiths Detection, is also a first in Brazil. The acquisition – an investment of approximately US$1.8 million – will go into operation this month.

By reducing the need for physical inspections and providing better image quality the device will increase productivity and, “bring more security to all those involved in the process: the Inland Revenue Service, Exporters, Importers, Carriers and employees," according to the Director of Operations, Environment and Technology of Porto Itapoá, Sergni Pessoa Rosa Jr.

The investments are expected to raise Porto Itapoá’s customer satisfaction to new heights. The port is already leading in this area, according to the Ibero-Brazilian Institute of Customer Relationship (IBRC). The Terminal, for the fifth consecutive year, was rated with the highest NPS index (Net Promoter Score) in the country. NPS evaluates how likely customers are to recommend their services.

Porto Itapoá is very familiar with coming first. In November 2022, it was presented with the Supplier Day Award 2022, promoted by the BMW group to celebrate initiatives committed to sustainable mobility and social responsibility. The winning initiative was the accelerated composting program by biotechnology carried out by terminal.

In October 2022, the Terminal won the gold seal of the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program, for the inventory of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the 2022 cycle

APM Terminals holds a 30% share in Porto Itapoá. The terminal began operations in June 2011 and is one of the most efficient container terminals in Latin America. Privately run, it is located on the north coast of Santa Catarina, a city that lies 80 km to the south and is home to important players in the global market such as Whirlpool and Tupy.

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