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Yusen book and claim Yusen Logistics Co., Ltd. (President: Hiroyuki Okamoto) has started "Yusen Book-and-Claim" service utilizing SAF⁽*1⁾ for air freight forwarding from April in 2023.

International air transportation accounts for 2% of all global Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. After committing to achieve net-zero GHG emissions ⁽*2⁾ for all services by 2050 as the Group's environmental target, Yusen Logistics has been actively developing sustainable initiatives including the use of SAF. Since the first SAF partnership in 2022, Yusen Logistics is launching its "Yusen Book-and-Claim" service to provide SAF option for customers.

At Yusen Logistics, our Mission is to become the world’s preferred supply chain logistics company and to contribute to the sustainable development of business and society. With the growing global awareness of sustainability, we wish this "Yusen Book-and-Claim" add-on option, together with our air freight service, will help our customers to grow sustainably. More importantly, we wish to create an even larger global awareness of SAF and sustainability.

Today our "Yusen Book-and-Claim" option is powered by some of our global partnership airlines and we aim to further expand this SAF network to cope with growing demand from our customers. In addition, we are continuously refining the service to provide higher value adding to our customers.

⁽*1⁾ Sustainable Aviation Fuel is produced from sustainable resources such as waste oil and plants. Using SAF results in a reduction in CO2 emissions compared to conventional jet fuel.

⁽*2⁾ The targets of our net-zero emissions are logistics materials, other waste, and GHG emissions.

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