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BLG tests electric trucksThe BLG Group is testing the practicality of using an electrically powered Volvo FH Electric tractor unit for inner-city truck traffic in Falkensee near Berlin.

BLG Regional Manager Michael John is optimistic: "With the use of electric trucks, we could significantly reduce both CO2 emissions and noise in urban traffic. For us as BLG, but also for our customers, this is another important step on the way to achieving our sustainability goals." Sustainable action and economic activity are part of the corporate strategy for the logistics service provider headquartered in Bremen. With its MISSION CLIMATE, the BLG Group has set itself the goal of being climate-neutral by 2030. The use of electric drives in inner-city logistics would be the next forward-looking step for the company. "On short-haul routes, the future belongs to alternative drives," Michael John is certain. "The transport and logistics industry plays a decisive role when it comes to reducing the ecological footprint. It is therefore all the more important that many logistics companies react quickly and convert their fleets to electric trucks," says Christoph Fitz, Sales Director at Volvo Trucks.

In the concrete case, the climate protection goals face practical hurdles in daily operations. For example, operation in a two-shift system requires dynamic route planning. The truck tested can travel about 250 to 300 kilometres with a full load in city traffic. This makes a charging process between the two day shifts essential. In addition to the shorter range, the higher purchase costs of the electrically driven models and the necessary charging infrastructure pose further challenges. Climatic conditions also play a role, as energy consumption in e-driving is more dependent on environmental influences. "The electrification of heavy goods transport also requires a rethinking of processes and an open attitude towards change. We see this as an opportunity for process optimisation and in the process can even offer drivers a new, relaxed driving experience on the way to more climate protection," explains Yvonne Bonventre, Head of Sustainability at BLG.

BLG LOGISTICS has been operating a supplier logistics centre in Berlin-Falkensee since 2014 and, among other things, handles the majority of the external warehouse processes of a well-known electrical and energy technology manufacturer there. The test deployment of e-trucks is an important step on the road to climate neutrality. With a constant willingness to innovate and responsibility towards the environment and its employees, BLG is creating essential conditions for future-oriented and successful business.

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