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FESCO RZD On June 1st, CEO of RZD Logistics Dmitry Murev and Chairman of the Board of Directors of FESCO Andrey Severilov signed an agreement on cooperation and launch of a joint service RailJet on the expedited delivery of cargo in baggage cars along the route Moscow-Manchuria-Moscow.

This agreement marks the first step toward implementation of agreements achieved in April by JSC Russian Railways and China Railway regarding further joint work on transportation of cargo, e-commerce goods and postal items in baggage cars.

Andrey Severilov noted that currently the volume of cargo delivered, in particular, from the Far East is growing. “FESCO already has relevant experience in regular delivery of cargo from China to Russia via Commercial Port of Vladivostok. I am convinced that service RailJet will become popular among clients, whereas our cooperation with RZD Logistics will bring synergy effect and will make the delivery of goods across the country faster and more technological”, – emphasized Chairman of the Board of Directors of FESCO.

“The market of transport logistics services has significantly changed and it is important to offer consignors a worthy replacement to what is no longer effective. A principally new service RailJet is expected to become alternative option to airfreight in delivery time and will be much more beneficial for consignors pricewise. With current sanctions pressure, this logistics product will be in demand. It will allow to form competitive, high-quality and convenient for all participants of external economic activity logistics solution”, – said CEO of RZD Logistics Dmitry Murev.

RailJet is a specialized service on the expedited delivery of cargo in postal-baggage train cars. It will be especially relevant for clients from high-tech industries, as well as for companies involved in the area of cross-border e-commerce. RailJet will bring to the market a new service for goods that are sensitive to the delivery time and are generally transported by air, as well as devices that contain lithium-ion batteries and are usually transported by sea transport.

The main advantages of RailJet project include high speed of delivery – up to 5 days, regular shipments – 2 times a week according to schedule, optimal price of transportation and maximum guarantee of cargo safety.

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