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Logistics UK Border Target Speaking about today’s (29 August 2023) announcement of the new Border Target Operating Model, Nichola Mallon, Head of Trade and Devolved Policy at business group Logistics UK said.

"Will three months be sufficient time for government to provide the necessary technical detail and guidance that businesses will need to change processes and adapt to the changes outlined by the new trading arrangements? Logistics UK is studying this final model carefully to see if it addresses the concerns expressed by our members and contains the level of operational detail and assurances they, and their EU suppliers, need to make the changes required in that time frame. With so much to adapt to, and such a short time frame available, it is imperative that logistics businesses are given all the detail they need in the initial plan.

“Government needs to provide certainty for business on all the details of the new Border Operating Model, and a workable timeline which will allow sufficient planning and implementation time for those responsible for the UK's supply chain. After so much time, and so many delays, logistics businesses are losing confidence in the government's ability to provide workable solutions to enable the new trading arrangements to be implemented. Our members need all the detail for how border arrangements are to work, and time to implement the changes - if not, the lack of certainty puts the UK's supply chain at risk."

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