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Dexterity Ai FedEx Dexterity AI today announced a collaboration with FedEx to leverage AI-powered robotic technology to load boxes into trucks and trailers.

Truck loading has long been considered one of the most challenging tasks in parcel hubs.

Manual loading is taxing and previous technology approaches have not been able to handle the complex decision-making required to stack the wide range of shipments encountered in FedEx network, which vary in size, shape, weight, and packaging material.

Dexterity AI’s proprietary mobile robot design, DexR, navigates autonomously to the back of trailers and connects to a powered conveyor system that feeds the robot boxes directly from the sortation system.

The DexR’s unique two arm design enables the robot to pick and pack boxes simultaneously, improving throughput.

Dexterity’s AI platform uses a broad set of intelligence, so it can be used to handle the complexities of truck loading required by operations.

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