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Maersk PUMA Rijeka Maersk has officially welcomed Global Key Partner PUMA to its warehouse near Rijeka, Croatia.

The sports brand is now the second customer at the facility, which became operational on 17th July 2023.

On Tuesday, 14th November, the local Maersk team inaugurated and successfully handled PUMA’s first inbounds volumes through Maersk’s dedicated warehouse in Croatia. Located less than 20 kilometres from the port of Rijeka in the northern part of the country, the facility ensures fast delivery times and efficient cargo handling. This modern 12,000 sqm warehouse is a recently added link in Maersk’s global network of logistics assets across all continents offering resilient and flexible end-to-end supply chain solutions.

"This is another great example of what we mean with our mantra FOREVER FASTER: The same week PUMA dominated the world’s fastest sport at the Formula 1 race in Las Vegas, we also went live with our new cross-docking centre in Rijeka. With our trusted partner Maersk, we are able to provide better and faster deliveries to our customers in South-eastern Europe – saving more than one week in time to market, as well as cost and CO2 emissions." Johan Kuhlo, Managing Director and General Manager at PUMA.

Edouard Buysschaert, Regional Europe and IMEA Key Client Manager for PUMA praised the fruitful collaboration between the two companies, the great teamwork and dedication of Maersk colleagues involved in the project: “I would like to thank our partner PUMA for the trust and their overall collaborative support throughout the entire project. A special thanks to our Maersk Croatia staff: the entire Rijeka warehouse & customs team and all other colleagues involved!”

The Rijeka warehouse is a Class A type, with high security standards and is designed to minimise greenhouse gas emissions thanks to features like solar roof or LED lights reducing energy consumption. The facility has flexible pallet capacity and offers end-to-end solutions including Customs services, as well a wide range of additional value-adding services available. Additional benefit is the proximity of the future deepwater terminal, Rijeka Gateway.

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