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RZD Agroexpress Russian Railways Holding, CER Cargo Holding (Hungary) and Rail Cargo Group (Austria) signed documents on the establishment of a joint venture in the field of railway transportation.

Budapest (Hungary), Laszlo Horvath, the Chairman of the Board of CER Cargo Holding SE (Hungary), Clemens Först, CEO of Rail Cargo Group (Austria) and Dmitry Murev, CEO of Russian Railways Logistics (an affiliated company of JSC "Russian Railways», Russia) signed documents on the establishment of a triad venture in the field of rail freight transportation.

The event was attended by Vladimir Tokarev, Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, Sergey Pavlov, First Deputy Director General of JSC "Russian Railways», Mihaly Varga, Deputy Prime Minister of Hungary, Minister of Finance, and Laszlo Palkovics, Minister of Innovation and Technology of Hungary.

In the context of a sustainable growth in trade between China and Europe, the establishment of such an enterprise will create a competitive and reliable transit rail freight service for customers from China, the CIS countries and the EU.

The established joint venture will provide the freight forwarder-coordinator services for logistics in cargo transportation from the Chinese provinces through Russia and Hungary to the countries of Southern Europe, the Balkan countries and in the opposite direction.

The work of the Russian Railways holding on the creation of the joint venture with Hungarian and Austrian partners is undertaken with the support of the Ministry of Transport of Russia and is one of the elements of the foreign business strategy of the Russian Railways holding.

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