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RZD AgroexpressJSC RZD Logistics expanded the range of cargo transported in the framework of “Agroexpress” service and organized the first “door-to-door” railway delivery of citrus fruits from China to Russia.

Consignment of tangerine was transported from Chéngxiāng station (Chengdu) to Selyatino station in 11 days. Products were delivered in autonomous refrigerated containers owned by RZD Logistics. The containers are equipped with GPS-monitoring functions, temperature and humidity control, which guarantees safety of products. RZD Logistics has already tested the delivery of pomelo in direct railway connection between China and Russia.

«In 2023, according to the research of Rusprodsoyuz, Russian Federation has become the leading importer of tangerine, holding in January-September more than 20% of the world volume. From China to Russia this food item is primarily delivered by sea and auto. We offer our clients transportation of temperature-sensitive cargo in direct railway connection, which is reliable, weather resistant, predictable in terms of the delivery time and allows to ship large volumes of cargo. The own fleet of autonomous refrigerated containers and wide geography makes the service very convenient for our clients from any part of the country”, - noted RZD Logistics’ director of container logistics and agrologistics Alexander Sivertsev.

“Agroexpress” is a specialized service of JSC RZD Logistics and JSC Russian Export Center for the transportation of Russian agricultural products, including temperature-sensitive cargo, to China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Middle East by accelerated container trains. Modern transport solutions, broad route map and additional services guarantee optimal delivery time and cargo safety.

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