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DP World investment announcement DP World, a global leader in supply chain solutions, is making significant investments in its port terminals in Peru and Ecuador to enhance capacity and operational efficiency, reinforcing its strategic vision for Latin America and providing additional trade opportunities for its customers.

The expansions come amidst an increasingly complex global supply chain landscape, as leaders are seeking ways to mitigate risks and enhance resilience. Situated on the West Coast of South America, Peru and Ecuador are pivotal to DP World’s global strategy, serving as key gateways to international trade.

Carlos Merino, CEO of DP World in Peru and Ecuador, said: “DP World remains committed to creating resilient and efficient logistics solutions. Peru and Ecuador’s strategic locations provide reliable connections from the west coast of South America to major global markets. This substantial investment in port infrastructure and state-of-the-art equipment underscores DP World’s dedication to enhancing capacity, operability, and economic contributions in this vital region.”

The company is set to celebrate two major milestones in the next few months: the inauguration of the completed Bicentennial Pier expansion project at its operations in the Port of Callao in Peru, and the initiation of a berth expansion project at the Port of Posorja in Ecuador.

In Peru, the Bicentennial Pier expansion at DP World Callao will significantly increase the terminal's capacity by 80%, transforming it into a premier logistics hub on the west coast of South America. The $400 million project extends the pier to 1,050 meters, enabling it to accommodate up to three vessels simultaneously and increasing its annual capacity to 2.7 million TEUs (20-foot containers).

The expansion also includes state-of-the-art electric-powered equipment and the first electric charging station for trucks in Latin America, promoting sustainable logistics solutions.

DP World Callao handles 60% of the country’s containerized cargo, solidifying the port’s position as the economic heart of Peru. In addition, DP World operates the Port of Paita in northern Peru, enhancing the country’s connectivity to global markets.

In Ecuador, DP World is planning to expand its berth at the Port of Posorja to enhance capacity and operational efficiency. Earlier this year, the deepwater port received three key service routes from Maersk, strengthening its strategic role in connecting Latin America with global markets. The $140 million expansion will extend the port to 700 meters of berth space and integrate advanced port equipment to ensure that Posorja remains a competitive, secure, and sustainable public terminal.

DP World operates a Special Economic Zone located next to the port of Posorja, further bolstering the nation’s trade capabilities.

Merino added: “DP World’s investments in Latin America encompass private capital infusion, job creation, and social and environmental initiatives. These investments align with global market trends where clients demand efficient, safe, and sustainable ports and logistics solutions.”

The company’s investment extends to Chile as well, where DP World San Antonio is undergoing a pilot project to test the MoorMaster NxG, a mooring system that consists of automated vacuum pads that moor and release vessels within seconds. DP World San Antonio will be the first terminal in the Americas to utilize this system.

These strategic investments reflect DP World's commitment to advancing Latin America's role in global trade, enhancing regional connectivity, and fostering sustainable economic growth.

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