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September 19, 2014: IAG Cargo, the freight operation of International Airlines Group (IAG), has agreed a major new partnership with the logistics network IFLN.

Under the terms of the agreement, IFLN has become a preferred global forwarder partner to IAG Cargo and will benefit from access to the carrier's network of more than 350 global destinations. IAG Cargo, meanwhile, is set to benefit from the opportunities for business growth provided by access to IFLN's freight forwarder network.

David Shepherd, head of commercial at IAG Cargo, commented: "By partnering with IAG Cargo, IFLN will benefit from one of the world's most extensive global air cargo networks which, when combined with our industry-leading premium product portfolio, will unlock new business opportunities for IFLN and its forwarder members. We welcome this new partnership, which we believe holds the potential to drive significant business growth for IAG Cargo."

IFLN president Michel Vanlerberghe remarked: "The purpose of this strategic worldwide agreement is to add new business and to benefit from working together while offering quality services to IFLN members. The agreement reflects the desire of both IFLN and IAG Cargo to commit to a successful and valuable long-term collaboration. IFLN counts among its members top-quality air freight forwarders based right around the world – something which may explain the repeated success that the network has enjoyed in similar partnerships with other global carriers."


September 16, 2014: A 20 year old who turns algae-infested water into a combination of clean water, biodiesel fuel, and a possible cure for a childhood cancer. A corporate leader who has transformed a once bankrupt major corporation into the sustainability leader in the forest products industry. Four entrepreneurs working individually to bring us more renewable energy, dramatically enhanced waste water treatment, a significant boost to the energy efficiency of large scale buildings, and the ability to power our electric vehicles at a significantly lower cost.

These are just some of the achievements of those named as Canada's Clean50 for 2015, as announced today by Delta Management Group and Canada's Clean50 organization.

This is the fourth year that Canada's Clean50 Award has celebrated outstanding sustainability achievements across 16 categories, selecting 50 individuals or small teams from well over 500 nominations, putting a face on sustainability. The work of these sustainable development and clean tech leaders is making a difference across Canada, and serves as an inspiration to others. This is the only award of its kind in the world.

The Clean50 Award also identified 10 "Emerging Leaders" from across Canada, ranging in age from 15 to their early 30s, and 15 innovative projects undertaken by organizations in the past two years that have the ability to inform, and the power to inspire Canadians – and help them understand that sustainability does not equal more expensive.

"If we stand a chance of battling climate change, instead of just adapting to it, it will be these leaders we have to thank" says Gavin Pitchford, Founder of Canada's Clean50 awards and Chief Talent Officer at Delta Management Group. "Their progress and their commitment can give us some hope. In particular, our world-leading clean tech community provides opportunities for significant improvement in both Canada's environmental and economic performance. We all need to ask our corporate and government leaders what they are doing to aid the clean tech industry – especially given the jobs already in the sector – and the prospects for literally millions more. It's an Avro Arrow moment for our country – we can continue to invest – and lead the world, or risk missing a massive opportunity".

The complete list of Canada's Clean50 honourees, Clean50 Emerging Leader honourees and Clean50 Top 15 Projects for 2015 is below. More detailed information can be found at Canada's Clean50 website: http://www.clean50.com



September 10, 2014: In order to better help its customers align environmental and societal aspects with business success, BASF has developed a new process for steering its portfolio based on sustainability criteria.

The Sustainable Solution Steering method is used to systematically review and evaluate the sustainability aspects of the approximately 50,000 relevant product applications in the company's portfolio, which represent sales of €56 billion. The benefit: This externally validated process makes it possible to measure the products' contribution to sustainability within their various markets and industries and to increase this contribution through targeted steps.

Over the past three years, BASF has already analyzed more than 80% of its portfolio of around 50,000 specific product applications. The data shows, for example, how a product contributes to cost effectiveness and resource conservation as well as to health and safety.

The concrete sustainability requirements of various customer industries are taken into account as well as regional differences. Finally, the process determines the extent to which BASF solutions can accommodate these needs.

Based on the results to date, the analyzed product applications have been sorted into four categories:

  • Accelerators make a substantial contribution in the value chain to sustainability. 22% of the analyzed products by sales are in this category.
  • Performers are solutions that meet the standard market requirements for sustainability. Around 73% fall under this category.
  • For the Transitioners, specific sustainability issues have been identified and concrete action plans defined. These recommendations are in the process of being implemented. Around 4.5% of the analyzed products are currently in this category.
  • Applications with a significant sustainability concern are labeled Challenged. BASF is developing action plans for these products in order to find improved solutions. This currently applies to 0.5%.

Sustainable Solution Steering aims to increase the number of "Accelerator" solutions in the long term in order to further improve the sustainability profile of both BASF and its customers. That is why the product portfolio is under continual review – which means that this four-category segmentation is also subject to change, for example, in response to altered market requirements or new legislation.

The whole product portfolio will have been analyzed by the end of 2014. With this new method, BASF continues to drive its "We create chemistry" strategy. "It is becoming increasingly important to our customers to be able to combine economic, environmental and societal demands. We see this development as a business opportunity for BASF, and intend to seize it in a targeted manner. This approach forms an integral part of our corporate purpose: 'We create chemistry for a sustainable future.' By analyzing our entire portfolio with respect to sustainability and systematically expanding on especially sustainable solutions, we underscore this endeavor," said Dr. Kurt Bock, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of BASF.


September 16, 2014: DHL Global Forwarding, leading provider of air, sea and road freight services in Europe and Asia, announced today new developments in its pioneering multimodal services in China and plans for North Asia. A true door-to-door service, DHL's multimodal solutions connect China to Europe by picking up goods from any location in China, taking it by rail through to Poland and offering last mile delivery by truck or rail to anywhere in Europe.

The company today announced a new weekly scheduled block train service from Suzhou along the trans-Siberian North Corridor, to DHL's intermodal hub in Poland, connecting Suzhou with Europe. A dedicated and cost effective service, it takes half the time of ocean freight and is a sixth of the cost of airfreight. This expansion complements the existing daily single wagon service from Shanghai to Europe, also along the North Corridor, and the weekly block train service from Chengdu to Europe along China's West Corridor rail line through Kazakhstan to Europe.

china-multimodalThe new scheduled block train service offers an average transit time of 14 days to Warsaw from Suzhou and will access DHL's Europe network via Manzhouli in China and Zabaikalsk in Russia and DHL's intermodal hub in Malaszewicze[1].

The expansion taps on Suzhou's strategic location within Jiangsu Province, an important production area for engineering, manufacturing, high tech, automotive and the retail sector with growing demand.

Roger Crook, CEO, DHL Global Forwarding, Freight, said: "Suzhou is a strategic departure point for Jiangsu and it is a huge benefit for our customers to have direct access to inter-continental rail links rather than having to go via Chengdu. Being able to offer multiple loading points across China creates many opportunities for our customers which is why we are seeing so much interest in multimodal services."

"DHL Global Forwarding's multimodal offering is truly evolving into a well-established service. Geographically, we're expanding our coverage in China. The North Corridor service taps the bustling production and commercial centers of Shanghai and Suzhou, and its surrounding areas. The West Corridor rail service originates from Chengdu -- one of the most important distribution centers in Western China and a hub for high tech goods, automotive and other industries. DHL has pioneered the rail service and customers are seeing the benefits of the service which offers reductions in transit times, cost and CO2 emissions," said Kelvin Leung, CEO, DHL Global Forwarding Asia Pacific.

Broadly, DHL's multimodal rail solution customers can expect delivery time reductions of between 10 and 21 days compared to sea freight, depending on origin and destination pairs. In addition, customers seeking environmentally friendly solutions can also expect a fall of CO2 emissions of up to 90% compared to airfreight.

More Options for Businesses of All Sizes

Making the rail service even more accessible to more businesses, DHL also introduced the rail service in a Less-than-Container-Load (LCL) option. Called DHL Railconnect, it allows large multi-national companies and small businesses alike to better manage their inventory flows by sending out shipments in smaller consignments as and when they need to. For customers with larger shipments, the full-container service, now known as DHL Railline, remains available for customers to block out single containers, wagon groups or whole block trains.

Steve Huang, CEO, DHL Global Forwarding China, said: "DHL Global Forwarding is the world leader in Less-than-Container Load ocean freight services and one of the main actors in the European Less-than-Truck load, so it's no surprise we have transferred the expertise into the rail solution. We're seeing increased customer demand and we're constantly innovating to help our customers. Earlier this year, we introduced the first temperature-controlled China-Europe rail service, providing customers with temperature-sensitive products year-round access to this cost-effective shipping route regardless of the weather."

Plans for North Asian Multimodal Network -- Japan and Korea connected to China rail service

As DHL Global Forwarding's multimodal rail solution from China to Europe is well developed, the company is exploring ways to plug in neighboring countries into the network. Using ferry services between China, Japan and Korea, it is looking to move cargo shipments onto the China rail network and create a strong North Asian multimodal network to service the major economies of the three markets and significant volume of imports and exports.

Kelvin Leung, CEO, DHL Global Forwarding, Asia Pacific, said, "DHL Global Forwarding presently already runs an existing China-Japan-China Ferry-Rail service that connects China via Shanghai to the major cities in Japan and vice versa. Cargo is transported using a ferry across the East China Sea from Shanghai to Hakata and Japan Rail -- the country's most extensive rail network. This enables goods from just about anywhere in China to reach any part of Japan via our multimodal rail-ferry service."

"For Korea, we are exploring a ferry service across the Yellow Sea between China and Korea, and then connecting onto the Rail network in China. Once the service is in place, it will position China as a key conduit for North Asia to Europe, and greatly support customers across North Asia with a strong alternative option between air freight and ocean freight to move their shipments," Leung added.

Connecting seamlessly from DHL Global Forwarding's expanding network in Asia to Europe, DHL's multimodal service ensures complete supply chain visibility and enables a faster-to-market approach between both continents for all customers.


September 15, 2014. Cargolux Airlines International S.A. today announced the expansion of its Chinese network with the introduction of a second flight to Beijing and Xiamen, effective September 17th.

Cargolux 747-8 NovosibirskThe new service complements the existing Friday flight that was inaugurated in 2006. CV7493 leaves Luxembourg every Wednesday at 9:00 am and arrives in Beijing on Thursday at 1:00 am.

Departure from Beijing is scheduled for 2:50 am with arrival at Xiamen at 5:40 am. The return flight leaves Xiamen on Thursdays at 7:05 am and arrives in Luxembourg at 14:25 am. Cargolux utilizes its advanced 747 freighters on its China services.

With the recent introduction of the airline's new Zhengzhou hub, Cargolux's current service offering between Europe and mainland has grown to 14 weekly frequencies.

The airline looks to grow the number of these flights to at least 18 by the end of 2014. Presently, Cargolux proposes 3 weekly flights to Zhengzhou, a twice-weekly service to Beijing and Xiamen as well as 7 flights a week to Shanghai.

Cargolux will further invest into the ground handling and transportation networks in Europe and China with the goal to provide market leading transit times and highly reliable door-to- door services from any place in Europe and China, far beyond its dual hubs in Luxembourg and Zhengzhou.

The flights to China are routed via Baku, hence avoiding the conflict zones further south and north and providing a safe and secure link to China, largely independent of potential geopolitical escalations.

New China service schedule


September 16, 2014: CEVA Logistics, a leading global supply chain management company, today announced the opening of its first Center of Logistics Excellence in Europe. Situated in Ashby de la Zouch, United Kingdom, the opening marks CEVA's third Center following the launch of Centers in Jacksonville and Singapore. The Centers demonstrate 'real world' logistics innovation through supply chain optimization and enhanced visibility, integrated services and technology solutions to power supply chain efficiency.

The European Center of Logistics Excellence will provide insights into CEVA's unique offerings and solutions for customers with business in Europe. CEVA plans to use this latest Center to build a strong knowledge center in Europe, develop supply chain talents, offer best in class technologies and supply chain solutions to further strengthen its presence in the region.

CEVA also intends to educate and inspire the next generation of logisticians from across Europe by using the Center to introduce the scale and breadth of the logistics spectrum, as well as promoting its range of apprenticeships, internships and graduate management programs.

Leigh Pomlett, President Europe for CEVA, said: "We are excited to establish a Center here in Ashby to act as a knowledge and innovation hub for supply chain excellence and to support our customers' growth in Europe. The Center is a compelling example of CEVA's commitment to create value for our customers through excellence. Local talent and knowledge coupled with global expertise positions us well to design solutions that respond to supply chain challenges."

Pomlett continued: "Customers today are looking for ways to enhance control and visibility to optimize their supply chains end-to-end which result in increased supply chain performance. Visitors to the Center will experience first-hand our collaborative and partnership approach to business, as well as our innate ability to create real solutions to supply chain challenges."

The European Center of Logistics Excellence is purpose built and designed to take visitors on the journey of a product/component through CEVA's end-to-end service offering including; Inbound Logistics, Warehousing and Distribution, Manufacturing Support, Outbound Logistics, Final Mile Solutions and Aftermarket Services. The Center also promotes CEVA's specialist events and exhibition logistics division, Showfreight, as well the company's Operations Excellence framework.

Within the Center, CEVA has constructed a mock-warehouse area to demonstrate the latest warehouse management technology and the company's system capabilities. In addition, the area also showcases CEVA's expertise in warehouse design and features certain real-life performance metrics that our sites operate against.



September 11, 2014: In addition to carrying San Francisco Bay Area travelers on flights from Oakland International Airport (OAK) to Oslo-Gardermoen (OSL) and Stockholm-Arlanda (ARN) which started in May, 2014, Norwegian is now offering airfreight service to the two Nordic destinations.

Flights to Oslo depart OAK on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 18:45 and flights to Stockholm depart OAK on Tuesday and Friday at 19:30. Norwegian offers drop off at OAK, where the bonded, cold storage international Container Freight Station is located at 1 Allan Sheppard Way. Hours of operation at OAK are 0900 – 2100, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Cargo must be on hand 6 hours prior to the flight departure.

To accommodate cargo originating in the West Bay, drop off is also available at Forward Air located at 427 Valley Drive, Brisbane, California. 650-589-2467.

Norwegian accepts all types of general and perishable cargo with the exception of dangerous goods, live animals, human remains, and out sized pieces. Airfreight is flown on the environmentally friendly Boeing 787 Dreamliner out of OAK.

For rates and service call: 866-434-1617 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"The opening of Norwegian Cargo's new facility at OAK and faster cargo shipment to Norway and Sweden is a significant business development for the area," said Deborah Ale Flint, Director of Aviation for the Port of Oakland. "We look forward to the export and import of goods to and from Scandinavia, especially perishables like Nordic salmon and crab that can be accommodated in the cold storage capable facility prior to making its way to kitchens and tables at fine restaurants throughout the region," she continued.


September 15, 2014: The results of the evaluation of CMA CGM in terms of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) have just been published by EcoVadis.

2014 09 15 - CMACGM 2014 Ecovadis certificationEcoVadis is a rating agency specialized in CSR and currently evaluating over a hundred multinational groups in the framework of their Sustainable Procurement policies.

This yearly evaluation monitors the social, ethical and environmental policy of the group, considering the policies implemented, actions undertaken and results obtained. It is of great importance as many of our Global Accounts demand it, and obtaining such an award is a significant competitive asset.

In 2014, CMA CGM increased its overall score by 8 points compared to 2013 and confirms its « Silver » status achieved last year.

This recognition rewards our continuous efforts made year after year on CSR matters. With this distinction, the Group is above average in the Maritime Transportation sector while showing a significant superior performance in the environmental field.

EcoVadis was incorporated in Paris, France early 2007 with the objective of becoming a trusted partner of procurement organizations aiming at implementing sustainable supply management practices.

EcoVadis aims at improving environmental and social practices of companies by leveraging the influence of global supply chains.

Combining innovative information technologies and a shared service expertise on sustainable procurement topics, EcoVadis wants to help procurement organizations improve their performance, while reducing the costs associated to suppliers CSR performance monitoring.

Effective September, 15th 2014, CMA CGM is applying a US$250.00 per TEU rate restoration from Asia, including Japan, South East Asia and Bengladesh, to Benin, Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Togo as well as land locked countries via Central Range ports Mali, Burkina Faso, Chad and Niger.


September 11, 2014: DHL, the world's leading logistics provider, today announced the successful delivery of 41 electric racing cars and related equipment to Beijing for the FIA Formula E Championship on September 13, 2014.

The delivery was made possible with the help of DHL's industry leading logistics solutions and is an exciting step towards seeing the DHL-Formula E partnership come to fruition with the first championship race.

As a part of DHL's commitment to sustainability, it has also launched the Formula E- inspired Blue Sky Transport Design Award – inviting professional and aspiring designers to submit creative ideas to shape the future of sustainable electric transport. This competition will have a prestigious judging panel to be chaired by world-class designer Paul Priestman and will also include experts from design, transport and Formula E. The winner will be presented at the final FIA Formula ePrix race in London, UK.

"With a commitment to provide sustainable and innovative solutions that deliver value for society, we at DHL are delighted to have this strategic partnership with Formula E," said Ken Allen, Chief Executive Officer, DHL Express. "Formula E have created a sport that pushes the boundaries of technology and which will inspire and educate people throughout the world to embrace sustainable technologies and practices. As a company that has pioneered green transDHL formula-eport initiatives, our partnership with Formula E is a perfect platform to showcase our green logistics solutions globally and also to test and develop the solutions of the future."

"The FIA Formula E Championship is the first of its kind, and it is a massive undertaking – spanning nine cities in almost 10 months. With DHL providing reliable and carbon efficient logistics solutions in delivering the cars and equipment to the race locations, we are able to deliver on the commitment we have made to deliver a sustainable, first class entertainment event to the world," said Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag.

"Drawing on our global leadership in sustainable transportation solutions and over 30 years of motorsports experience, DHL successfully delivered Formula E cars to Beijing and will continue to bring them to eight other cities around the world," remarked Fathi Tlatli, President Global Automotive Sector, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation (CSI). "We met this large scale logistics challenge in our stride and are most proud of our DHL Global Forwarding Motorsports Team for finding efficient, seamless solutions to the challenge of delivering the large lithium-ion batteries, in particular, which require special handling and certification."

"One of our present challenges is the need to respond to the very real concerns surrounding environmental sustainability – and DHL-Sinotrans is already strongly committed to the environment, providing greener logistics solutions. Carbon-neutral, sustainable transportation solutions are undoubtedly the key to success in China," said Wu Dongming, Managing Director of DHL-Sinotrans and Executive Vice President of DHL Express Asia Pacific. "We have already made significant progress in our green initiatives in China, with our latest carbon accounting showing an improvement in CO2 efficiency of 17% in 2013 compared with 2012. We are committed to ensuring further carbon efficiency improvements in the future."

DHL was the first international logistics company to introduce a measurable target for CO2 efficiency and has committed, through its GoGreen program, to generate 30% less CO2 by 2020 (versus 2007 levels) for every letter and parcel sent, every container shipped and every square meter of warehouse space used. DHL has launched a verified carbon neutral express product, available in over 60 countries, and has created its own climate protection project in Lesotho, Africa.


September 10, 2015: The Drewry All Earnings Index, which covers the main bulk shipping markets, fell 20% in August and stood at 152, according to the Shipping Insight report published by shipping consultancy Drewry.

The index was held back by weaker tanker and LPG charter rates, but overall earnings would have fallen further were it not for some recovery in dry bulk sectors. The fall in August's earnings followed a month in which the index had soared 46%, indicating the volatile state of the shipping market. The index is an average of time charter earnings for dry bulk, tankers and LPG markets, weighted according to estimated market share.

Freight rates for dirty tankers went down in August with the decline in crude demand from the US and Europe. The decline in LPG rates was mainly attributed to low demand from Asian consumers, while ample cargo was available in the Middle East.

"The tanker market is expected to remain volatile in September, as strong demand for crude in Asia- Pacific supports the market, while refinery shut-downs in Europe act as a dampener," said report author Rahul Sharan. "The tanker market may suffer further if escalating violence in Iraq and threats of increased sanctions on Russia lead to supply disruptions."

The dry bulk market revived thanks to an increase in demand for iron ore and coal. Sharan elaborated: "Supramaxes and Panamaxes were employed in the Pacific to ship coal, grain and minerals. As a result, freight rates surged on major routes."

The index reached a four-year high of 310 in December 2013 on the back of a strong recovery in time charter rates across all sectors. Despite its decline, August's reading still represented a 50% year-on- year gain and a 24% premium to the 3-year average.


September 10, 2014: For the 10th consecutive time, Air France-KLM is ranked as the most sustainable airline on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI)*, the world's leading index monitoring the performance of corporations in the area of sustainable development.

"I am very proud that, in the year we celebrate KLM's 95th anniversary, we have been ranked the most sustainable airline in our industry for the 10th consecutive year. We take pride in this achievement, which confirms that we take our responsibility with regard to environmental and societal impact seriously." - Camiel Eurlings, KLM President & CEO

For the 6th consecutive year, Air France-KLM is also the Industry Group Leader Transportation, which includes air, rail, maritime and road transport, as well as airport operations.

With this result, Air France-KLM maintains its position as one of the 24 most sustainable corporations in the world.

Air France-KLM focuses on four key themes: reducing its impact on the environment; integration of sustainable development in products and services; fostering of responsible personnel policy; and sustainable societal contributions in the areas where the Group is active.

As part of its latest innovative developments, KLM this year again operated a new series of flights using sustainable biofuel and, in December 2013, entered into a partnership with UNICEF. Developments surrounding the biofuel flights would not be possible without cooperation between KLM and various partners, including the Dutch chapter of the World Wide Fund for Nature (since 2007) and partners participating in the KLM's Corporate Biofuel Programme.

*The DJSI lists the most efficient corporations in the field of sustainable development, compiled by RobecoSAM, an international asset management organisation that assesses the sustainability performance of corporations. Link to pressrelease from RobecoSAM


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