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TCI Intermodal centre Tri-Cities Intermodal (TCI) has signed a lease/purchase agreement to acquire the former Cold Connect warehouse and property, with plans to develop an adjacent intermodal ramp in Wallula, WA.

The plan represents a revival of the plans previously announced by Tiger Cool Express before they shut down operations in June. Tri-Cities Intermodal is an entirely new company – and the transaction had no connection to Tiger Cool.

Tri-Cities signed the lease/purchase agreement on Sept. 27, 2023, with Union Pacific Railroad.

The envisioned Tri-Cities Intermodal Center will benefit the entire agricultural community in the three-state region by providing cost-effective and sustainable transportation capacity. Initially, service is intended to be offered between: Wallula and the Northwest Seaport Alliance on-dock facilities for dry imports and exports (in ISO equipment.) It will also support Union Pacific's intermodal customers moving between Wallula and Chicago (and beyond.)

"It is fantastic to have line of sight to actual operation within three to four months," said Theodore Prince, Tri-Cities Intermodal Chief Executive Officer and Founder "We were very fortunate to find an investor with the foresight, along with Union Pacific's support to bring this project to fruition."

"We are excited about Tri-Cities Intermodal advancing an initiative that will remove thousands of trucks from the highway. This is a region that continues to grow in logistical importance, and we look forward to supporting its growth with safe, reliable service," said Kari Kirchhoefer, Senior Vice President – Premium, Marketing and Sales for Union Pacific.

The recently arrived investor, PNW Capital, is under the esteemed leadership of James Delaney, an accomplished entrepreneur renowned for his successes in the B2C sectors, particularly within regulated goods such as wine. Mr. Delaney, who assumes the role of Non-Executive Chairman, conveyd his profound enthusiasm for this endeavor. In his formal statement, he remarked, "This proposition stands as a superb concept, bolstered by a highly capable team and situated within an exceptionally favorable business environment. We are very excited to include Tri Cities within our distinguished portfolio."

The management team is composed of experienced intermodal transportation individuals. Justin Roberts will be Vice President - Operations; Tom Smith will be Vice President – Sales and Marketing; Zachary Ybarra will be Vice President – Planning, Control and Information Systems. The rest of the team will include Cameron Kelley, Liam Marsh, Felicia Moore and Keith Woetzel.

ceva flagFnac Darty and CEVA Logistics announced today that they have signed an agreement to establish a joint venture with the ambition of it becoming a major European player in the e-commerce logistics and SaaS Marketplace market.

The joint venture, based on the expertise of Fnac Darty and CEVA Logistics, would be called Weavenn and would offer a unique, fully integrated service combining the best marketplace technology solutions and high-performance logistics for multi-channel distribution. This innovative offering would meet all the needs of e-commerce players, such as the complete management of marketplaces, direct sales to consumers and omnichannel delivery.

The joint venture would bring to its customers the power and credibility of both companies: the Fnac Darty group, with a network of nearly 1,000 shops, coupled with a proven omnichannel model with 24 million unique monthly visitors to its websites, and CEVA Logistics, a world leader in third-party logistics, with a network covering more than 170 countries and an internationally recognized fulfilment platform, Shipwire. CEVA Logistics is a subsidiary of the CMA CGM Group.

"With over 1 billion order lines by 2022, e-commerce has become a central part of our logistics business and expertise. By partnering with an industry leader such as Fnac Darty, recognized for the quality of its service to consumers, we can create a fulfilment solution that benefits from the best technological solutions and is capable of supporting the growth of the market, by meeting the requirements of e-commerce sellers in terms of efficiency, accessibility, transparency and visibility", says Mathieu Friedberg, CEO of CEVA Logistics.

Enrique Martinez, Chief Executive Officer of Fnac Darty, added: "More than 40 million French people now place their trust in the Fnac Darty group, and for more than a decade now our brands have been successfully turning the corner on e-commerce to offer an omnichannel customer experience that is recognized throughout the retail world. Fnac, a pioneer in this field, launched its marketplace using its own technological solution back in 2009. Similarly, Darty is renowned for its unique expertise in after-sales service and has recently been recognized for the quality of its last-mile delivery as well as its take-back offers and its second-hand products. Joining forces with CEVA, a world leader in logistics, means pursuing the quest for high value-added services for our customers, which is at the heart of our Everyday strategic plan. We are convinced that together we will set new standards of quality and efficiency for our retail partners and our millions of individual customers.”

This new partnership project demonstrates the determination of the two groups to strengthen their position in a European market that can be addressed and is valued at around 80 billion euros, with growth estimated at over 10% a year. Over the next 5 years, the joint venture could generate sales in excess of €200 million, with a double-digit operating margin. The envisaged cooperation would take the form of a 50-50 joint venture between Fnac Darty and CEVA Logistics, operational from 2024, subject to approval by the relevant authorities.

Maersk Barcelona France Maersk is launching a new rail product from the Port of Barcelona to Southern France especially designed to cut transit times of ocean cargo destined to the areas Toulouse, Bordeaux and Lyon by using Barcelona as an alternative gateway.

Starting early November there will be three weekly direct block trains between Barcelona and Toulouse as well as one weekly connection between Barcelona and Lyon. Via Toulouse the solution also connects cargo to Bordeaux seamlessly by using a partner network. Furthermore, it is intended to extend the connectivity on the Spanish side by rail to the areas of Tarragona and Zaragoza.

This new offering can shorten transit times for im- and export cargo in the areas Toulouse, Bordeaux and Lyon by up to 12 days (7 days on average) compared to traditional routings via French or North European ports. Thanks to shorter transport distances and the utilisation of electrified trains it can also be a more environmentally friendly routing. The block trains can also be booked for intra-continental cargo between Spain and France.

"We are always striving to improve and simplify logistics solutions for our customers and offer better alternatives. By offering them our reliable landside distribution network via rail from the Port of Barcelona we will also increase reliability and resilience in our customers’ supply chains." Emilio de la Cruz, Managing Director of Maersk’s Area South West Europe. 

Maersk is operating this new end to end service via its own company APM Spain Railways and cooperates for the trains with the partners Captrain and Naviland.

Thanks to brand new interoperable locomotives, the block trains neither have to stop to change the locomotive or replace wheel-sets at the Spanish-French border for seamless operations and best-in-class reliability.

Thyssenkrupp Port of Koper thyssenkrupp Steel Europe invests in the port of Rotterdam.

At Ertsoverslagbedrijf Europoort C.V. (EECV) a new unloading installation for seagoing vessels will be constructed with an investment of tens of millions of euros. With the new crane, thyssenkrupp is demonstrating its belief in the long-term presence of its infrastructure in the port of Rotterdam.

The unloading installation will be used to unload fuels and resources for the steel factory. “The transhipment of coal will gradually decline after 2027 but iron ore will remain essential for the production of climate-friendly steel. In the future, EECV and thyssenkrupp Veerhaven will transport resources for the new DRI factory, which will run on hydrogen. The new unloading installation and the reliable fleet of pushers will allow both companies to continue to act as a reliable connection between the port of Rotterdam and the future green steel factory in Duisberg for decades to come,” says Dr. Heike Denecke-Arnold, COO of thyssenkrupp Steel.

Pledge FIATA Pledge has become a valued sustainability partner of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA), marking a significant step in its objective to drive sustainable and resilient supply chains.

Pledge enters a unique position as the only sustainability partner of the organisation, which represents over 40,000 freight forwarding and logistics firms worldwide.

As a source of knowledge on upcoming emissions regulations, in tandem with FIATA’s network and consequent insight into international transport and logistics policy, Pledge will work in collaboration with other members to promote greater sustainability in the global logistics ecosystem.

“This partnership is a positive step in FIATA’s work to support its members in achieving sustainability goals in transport and logistics, and FIATA looks forward to seeing what this new collaboration with Pledge will bring,” said Stéphane Graber, Director General, FIATA.

Pledge enables freight forwarders to provide their clients with the data and insights they need to meet emissions disclosure regulations and implement sustainability strategies.
This partnership will therefore act as a significant catalyst for the decarbonisation of global logistics.

“Collaboration is the driving force behind sustainable change. As FIATA’s sustainability partner, Pledge looks to facilitate impactful action on carbon reduction among its members,” said David de Picciotto, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Pledge.

Pledge will be at the 2023 FIATA congress in Brussels, where it will be helping members utilise technology to drive greener practices in their day-to-day operations and drive the decarbonisation of the logistics supply chain.

TOPO WFKE Supply chain Software as a Service (SaaS) platform Topo Solutions is powering the digital transformation of managing and creating commercial contracts within the supply chain of Wachsmuth & Krogmann Far East (WKFE).

The international wholesale and foreign trade company recently went live with Contract Management solution, part of Topo’s Ordering Module.

This solution ensures compliance, reduces risk, and streamlines WKFE’s contract management process providing insights into contract performance. It also ensures the required legal terms are attached to the right contracts eliminating the need to send additional word documents for contracts and terms and conditions.

Before the new system was introduced, WKFE’s team faced the cumbersome task of managing data, such as supplier and factory profiles, product specifications, and financial information on various Excel and Word documents.

“Topo has transformed a once tedious, time-consuming, and inefficient task into a simple process,” said Frederik Kranich, IT Engineer, WKFE.

“Before, we had to keep on top of our various contracts manually on different platforms – now, everything is in one place.

“We’ve also been really impressed by how quickly Topo’s team implemented our new digital system – within two months of initiating the process, we were up and running.”

WKFE is a sourcing and procurement company supplying consumer goods including Electrical Home & Kitchen Appliances, Toys, Lighting, Gardening, Decorations, Outdoor and BBQ products to retailers in Europe, USA and Australia.

The company offers all Supply Chain needs from tailor-made product development, Quality Assurance (QA), Quality Control (QC), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) assessments, to Logistics and a high degree of technical expertise.

The group has offices in Hamburg/Germany (founded in 1797), Sydney/Australia, Chicago/USA, Shanghai/China and Ningbo/China.

“WKFE has been a great client to bring on board, they have been so flexible and open to change,” said Tobias Grabler, Chief Operating Officer, Topo.

“Their willingness to revolutionize their operations has really empowered us to customize and create best practice solutions that make the most of what Topo offers businesses.”

The introduction of Topo’s Contract Management solution will boost WKFE’s efficiency and speed to market as they manage contracts from some of Europe’s top 10 retailers.

Maersk electric truck Brazil Supporting initiatives to decarbonise its customers supply chains in Latin America, A.P. Moller – Maersk (Maersk) conducted two pilots to provide electric truck capabilities to customers in Brazil.

The pilots were done with heavy-duty tractor units, that would allow the transportation of containers (FCL).

The two-week pilots were carried out with two different EV truck manufacturers in Brazil. To analyse the possibilities of providing landside connectivity, the pilots were conducted in the metropolitan region of São Paulo on a 100 km span between Barueri - Barra Funda - São Bernardo do Campo (charging station), and in the state of Santa Catarina between Itapoa - Araquari (round trip) on a 230 km span.

"Intermodal connectivity is crucial to link Brazil’s population with goods arriving and being exported in the ports. With 60% of Brazilians living within 200 km of the coast, cabotage is vital, but integrating rail, trucking, and support distribution centres is key to ensure end-to-end- integrated logistics. The growing need for landside transport capacity makes it even more important to ensure that we’re also able to provide sustainable solutions for these important transportation modes in the region. In Brazil, we are building a comprehensive network with the goal of seamlessly integrating the entire logistics process for our customers and reducing emissions. Our evaluation of sustainable alternatives, including electrified heavy trucking, in a region where such options are limited, provides us with valuable insights to drive tangible progress toward our 2040 net-zero commitment." Karin Schoner, Managing Director for the East Coast of South America at Maersk.

For the pilots, Maersk installed electric charging stations in its operational areas to ensure night-time charging. The reliance of logistics facilities and land transportation on renewable electricity sources is closely tied to factors such as local infrastructure investment requirements and support from local regulations. Currently, electric vehicles and alternative energy solutions are only available on a limited scale in these contexts.

To achieve climate neutral landside transportation solutions by 2040, Maersk is prioritising electrification in heavy-duty trucking in collaboration with customers with 100% renewable electricity sourced, as well as identifying one time emission reduction opportunities within the modal shift.

"This pilot will facilitate the test and develop of sustainable solutions for our customers, that can help them deliver on their environmental and ESG objectives. In our journey to become net zero by 2040, Maersk will continue searching sustainable solutions in the Latin American, to meet both the rising demand from our customers for a cleaner end-to-end integrated logistics, as well as delivering on our own decarbonisation commitments." Alexis Rodriguez, Head of Energy Transition Execution for Latin America at Maersk.

The call for more sustainable business practices is coming from both consumers and customers alike. Remarkably, over half of Maersk's top 200 customers have already committed to the UN Global Compact, which calls for support of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Furthermore, two-thirds of our 200 customers have set net-zero or science-based targets.

To meet the need for end-to-end sustainable logistics solutions, Maersk is actively exploring opportunities in regions where infrastructure for reducing emissions on land is not readily available. Currently, Maersk is evaluating the results of a pilot test in Brazil to determine scalability of integrating these solutions into the region’s product portfolio, providing customers with a broader range of sustainable transportation options.

DP World ICC Tendulkar DP World, a global leader in smart end-to-end supply chain logistics, has unveiled the new ‘Beyond Boundaries’ initiative, in partnership with cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar and the ICC, aimed at driving the growth of cricket around the world.

This global mission will see DP World use its end-to-end network and smart logistics capabilities to distribute fifty repurposed shipping containers to grassroots cricket clubs around the world, each one kitted out with essential equipment.

Ahead of the 2023 ICC Men’s 50 Over Cricket World Cup, taking place in India from 5 October to 19 November, the first container was unveiled by new DP World Global Ambassador Sachin Tendulkar at NSCI, Mumbai. The first DP World container along with 40 cricket kits will be placed at the Chikhalikar Sports Club in Palghar, Maharashtra while another 210 kits will be presented to young cricketers from academies like Achrekar Cricket Academy, and Shivaji Park Gymkhana Academy, to name a few.
Included within each of the containers is 250 bespoke kits: each made up of a cricket bat, helmet, gloves and pads. Each container is multipurpose, also serving as a pavilion which includes an in-built scoreboard, sun protection and seating.

Speaking during the first container launch, DP World Global Ambassador Sachin Tendulkar said: “I am extremely happy to partner with DP World to go beyond boundaries and help make cricket possible globally. Like most young cricketers, I grew up playing for my local club I understand the importance of quality cricketing equipment and kits. Grassroots clubs are the bedrock of every nation’s cricket. It’s heartening to see DP World's commitment to nurturing young cricketing talent not just in India, but across the world.

These cricket containers will provide budding cricketers a place to rest and pad up. More importantly, this can be a great step towards ensuring a safe space for girls, as the containers can be used as changing rooms. I am happy to be a part of this initiative and look forward to witnessing its impact in supporting the next generation of cricketers across India and beyond."

The first container design was brought to life by local artist Sadhna Prasad and pays homage to the Master Blaster himself, with the first 10 containers being inspired by Tendulkar’s legacy.

Over the next five years, DP World will continue to leverage its interconnected global network across 75 countries and six continents to distribute the remaining 49 containers at strategic locations around the world; including another two during this year’s tournament, with more details to follow.

Kevin D’Souza, Senior Vice President - Business Development - Middle East, North Africa and India Subcontinent, DP World added, "We are truly proud to welcome Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar to the DP World family. Sachin represents a billion dreams and has played an inspiring role in taking cricket beyond boundaries. A role model to youngsters, he epitomises hard work, determination, and dedication to perfection. These are attributes that resonate with every member of DP World as we strive to make trade flow beyond boundaries for our customers and stakeholders. We are confident that our partnership with Sachin will serve to make cricket possible for even more people across the world.”

As the global leading provider of smart logistics solutions, we seek to change what’s possible for everyone, and we are confident that this new initiative, will serve to make cricket possible for the youth at multiple grounds in the country and across the world.”

The Beyond Boundaries initiative will be amplified throughout the course of the tournament via the ICC broadcast, with a bespoke graphic depicting how ten kits will be donated for every 100 runs scored in each match. All kit donations will be made via the containers unveiled in 2023.

Antwerp XL 40 under 40 The world’s top 40 professionals working in breakbulk, project cargo and heavy lift under the age of 40 have been identified by AntwerpXL.

XL 40 Under 40 initiative celebrates the young professionals who have either achieved greatness already or have the potential to become the next generation of industry leaders. The full list of winners is available on the AntwerpXL website.

AntwerpXL is the world’s only event dedicated exclusively to breakbulk, project cargo and heavy lift, making it perfectly placed to find the industry’s most inspiring young talent.
The winners will be honoured with a drinks reception and award ceremony at AntwerpXL when it returns to the Antwerp Expo from 28 – 30 November 2023.

Margaret Dunn, Portfolio Director at AntwerpXL, says, “We’ve been absolutely astonished by the quantity and quality of the nominations for this year’s XL 40 Under 40. As I’ve said before, the continued success of global breakbulk is dependent on the next generation of talented professionals. Through the process of reviewing the entrants and selecting the winners, it became clear that success is essentially guaranteed.

“We can’t wait to celebrate the XL 40 Under 40 at AntwerpXL later this year. We’re particularly excited to involve some of them in our conference, where their insight into attracting the next generation of breakbulk professionals will be invaluable.”

When asked to give advice to the next generation of industry professionals, winner, Capt. Ayse Asli Basak, Partner at MAB Maritime Group & Founder of Cendele Maritime Technology, said; "Set sail, cast off from safe harbours, and let the winds of curiosity, dreams, and discovery guide your voyage."

Another winner, Valds Stunza, Marketing & Business Development Director at ELEVEN DANIR 19, shared his own recipe for success; “Whenever I’m about to do something, I think, ‘Would an idiot do that?’ and if they would, I do not do that thing.”

Winner, Samuel Bersey, Business Development & Operational Manager at Lubbers Logistics Group, said; “Success is no accident. It is hard work, Perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”

WiseTech MatchBox WiseTech Global (ASX:WTC), developer of leading logistics execution software CargoWise, today announces it has acquired MatchBox Exchange, provider of a breakthrough online open market platform for the reuse and exchange of shipping containers between operators in the landside logistics space.

Headquartered in Australia, MatchBox Exchange was acquired from private shareholders.

MatchBox Exchange operates in Australia, India, Indonesia, Israel, New Zealand, Malaysia, Philippines Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Its customers are comprised of transport companies and their customers, freight forwarders and importers/exporters.

The MatchBox Exchange platform matches those who have a supply of empty containers with those who need them. MatchBox Exchange collaborates with global shipping lines, such as Maersk, CMA-CGM, MSC, Hapag-Lloyd, ONE, HMM and Yang Ming through direct integrations, to enable customers to conveniently reuse containers, or request or offer empty containers across businesses for their import or export needs. This helps landside logistics to be more efficient and productive by enabling faster turn-around times and reducing the cost and inefficiencies of transporting, hiring, de-hiring and storing empty containers.

Richard White, Founder and CEO of WiseTech Global, said: “We welcome the MatchBox Exchange team to WiseTech Global. There are a huge number of containers moving around the globe at any one time with 862 million TEU (Twenty Foot Effective Units) in 2022[1]. MatchBox Exchange brings new digital capability to optimize the reuse of shipping containers to reduce unnecessary trucking trips, increase container utilization and improve productivity. This is a great example of true optimization by offering more than mere visibility, creating actionable data for end-to-end process optimization across the supply chain.

“This transaction demonstrates WiseTech’s continued investment in our landside logistics development priority, enhancing our CargoWise ecosystem in the container optimization space, while helping to reduce traffic congestion in ports from unnecessary transport of empty containers. This brings us another step closer to delivering on our vision to be the operating system for global logistics,” he said.

MatchBox Exchange’s CEO, Carl Marchese, said: “Joining WiseTech Global will provide the scale and resources to grow the use of the MatchBox Exchange platform in new landside logistics markets, optimizing the reuse and exchange of empty shipping containers, driving better utilization of trucks and improving collaboration and productivity through digital processes.”

EUROGATE CTW EUROGATE GmbH & Co. KGaA, KG, Bremen, and Terminal Investment Limited (TiL), Geneva, the terminal operating company of Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. (MSC), Geneva, have extended the contract concluded in May 2004 for the joint operation of the container terminal MSC Gate Bremerhaven GmbH & Co. KG (MSC Gate), Bremerhaven, for a period of at least 25 years until 2048.

A reassessment of the partnership and negotiations on adjustments to the contract between the shareholders had been included in the contract at the time and have now been concluded, a few months before the 20-year anniversary of the joint venture, with a very positive result for MSC Gate and the entire port location of Bremerhaven.

Michael Blach, Chairman of the Group Management Board of EUROGATE, said on the occasion of the signing: "With this contract extension the basis for the continuation of the so far successful cooperation is given. This is very good news for Bremerhaven. We have achieved a lot together in the past almost 20 years. MSC Gate was able to establish itself as a reliable terminal partner in the network of our customer MSC. The christening of the 'MSC Michel Cappellini', one of the newest and largest ships in the MSC container ship fleet, a few weeks ago is proof of the importance of the terminal and the Bremerhaven location for MSC. We want to continue and develop this together. Discussions are currently underway regarding a joint future-oriented modernization of MSC Gate. To this end, the adaptation of the quay and the outer Weser must be driven forward quickly in order to continue to score points in competition."

Ammar Kanaan, Chief Executive Officer of TiL, a subsidiary of MSC, said, "Extending the contract over the next two and a half decades is testament to our commitment to MSC Gate and to our partnership with Bremerhaven. MSC Gate is an important part of MSC's growth strategy. With today's announcement, we are building on the solid foundation and track record of our partnership, which has been in place since 2004. We look forward to further strengthening the port's growth potential by investing in our terminal infrastructure and, most importantly, our people."

Florian Brandt, Managing Director of MSC Gate Bremerhaven: "The new contract is a strong signal and at the same time motivation to tackle the challenges of the future together with TiL and MSC and to move Bremerhaven forward. To this end, we have invested in new container gantry cranes and, most recently, 35 straddle carriers with hybrid propulsion and are currently jointly examining all options for further digitalization and gradual automation of handling operations in order to be able to meet the wishes and requirements of our customers even better in the future."

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