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As the latest Freightweek monthly magazine went to press, Britain faced the option of remaining in the EU or becoming, in the words of French Economics minister Emmanuel Macron, as significant as the Channel Island of Guernsey. (https://www.gov.gg/gdp)

Since the start of the acrimonious ‘Brexit’ clamor by mediocre British politicians who obviously prefer Belgian beer to Brussels bureaucrats, just about every international economist and politician with a PhD warned Britain against leaving the EU.

Three days before the referendum it was the turn of Germany’s Foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier (PhD) to declare Britain’s departure would severely damage the European project and remaining Member States would have to do everything they could to prevent others following suit.

With the ‘Vote Leave’ win on June 23, post-event headlines throughout Europe will probably include, or imply, the centuries-old pejorative: ‘Perfidious Albion’.

So not for the first time: but as Macron implies, it could be the last.

- Simon Keeble is the Editorial Director of HU Digital Media



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