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LONDON: February 08, 2018. Many British companies have already moved on from the EU and are looking at Australia as a major export market according to David Jinks, head of Consumer Research at shipping specialist ParcelHero.

"Ignore all the talk of the US or BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China) being at the forefront of British exports post Brexit. Since the vote, ParcelHero has seen a huge 54 percent rise in interest in shipping to Australia.

"Australia seems to have been overlooked in all the excitement about new emerging markets. Yet ParcelHero has seen a surge in shipments since June 2016. This is not surprising considering Australia is now the world's 13th largest economy, and our two countries have a shared language and Commonwealth heritage.

"Britain already ships £4.1 billion of goods to Australia, making it our 21st largest export market – but there is enormous potential to drive that up considerably further. It's not so long ago that Britain and the U.S. were almost entirely dominant in the Australian marketplace; now we are only its tenth largest importer.'

"Australia boasts one of the highest thresholds before there are any tariffs to be paid on imported goods, making it a highly tempting market for UK manufacturers and retailers. The AU$1,000 level means goods worth up to around £560 can be exported into Australia without incurring any duties or taxes – that's a very generous limit.

"Donald Trump's short-sighted decision to pull the U.S. out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) that Australia was to launch with 11 other trading partners (including Japan, Canada and Singapore) has left the remaining TPP potential members regrouping and making very encouraging noises about including Britain in the Partnership, post-Brexit. This would lead to what amounts to a significant free trade deal with Australia and the other signatories.

"Australia's three major cities, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, hold half its entire population. That makes targeting export sales to Australia easier than you might think, given how large the country is.

"ParcelHero is shipping products Down Under in ever greater numbers, from clothing and lighting to car parts and books. UK retailers and manufacturers are clearly building relationships and investigating markets in Australia in readiness for Brexit. We've also shipped quite a lot of distinctly British niche products recently, from ketchup and pickles to Highland dancing items – not surprising since 1.2 million Brits. have made Australia their home.

"So who knows what other markets remain untapped?"




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